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Twixmas 2023 Round up

On behalf of Team Bushbells, I just want to thank you so much for all your support this year. It means a huge amount to us.  I’ve attempted a poetic summary of our year, that was 2023….


'Tis the season of 'Twixmas – that tranquil bridge 'twixt Noel and New Year,
So let's bid adieu to '23 with reflections and joy sincere.
A challenging start, with the loss of my dear father,
Hindered our Kenyan travels, but Team Bushbells' support did gather.
Our fine Tailors – their skilled hands kept stitching, weaving our kikoy dreams,
Bright threads enriching our lives, in vibrant, vivid streams.
In the realm of a circular economy, our small enterprise stands,
Facilitating strides on coastal plains, guided by purposeful hands.
Volunteers (a dozen), graced Bluebells’ school with their willingness to share, and contribute their knowledge,
And we’ve built a new playground, classroom, and office - a triumphant collage.
Through spiralling costs and unseasonal rains we’ve waded,
As a resilient team, we faced challenges unabated.
To all who've supported, your encouragement and care we hold dear,
A heartfelt thanks to you, as we turn the calendar near.
In Twenty Twenty Four, may fortune knock on your door,
Stay tuned, we have new endeavours and surprises in store.
As I pen these lines and bid Adieu, Adieu,
 A profound ASANTA SANA  -  we couldn't do this without  KIND YOU.
Wishing you joy and peace, a year to explore,
Until we meet again, keep the  Bushbells’ spirit ashore.



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  • Many congratulations for all you do. You all look so happy! What a fine example to us all.

    Wendy Cartwright

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