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University Challenge

It’s that time of year again. Summer is dwindling and so many people are thinking of going back to school or university. There’s one person Team Bushbells want to ‘shout out about’ and that is Katana – who is the son of our head tailor, Sammy. We’ve sponsored Katana throughout his primary and secondary schooling and his secondary education was completed in December 2017.

We’ve watched him grow and mature, and remember when he came 1st out of 10,000 students in the local Watamu district which enabled him to go to a National Secondary School! This is one boy who has worked hard and so diligently to achieve his dream of getting to university.

Katana saying good bye to his father Sammy. He’s looking a little nervous understandably.
Katana registering at his new university.

Whilst waiting for a university place to be sorted, he’s been on a computer course as well as volunteering at our school. He’s been a huge success and both the children and teachers have adored having him around. They’ve loved his quiet and gentle manner, his care and his initiative.

Meantime, kind Kim from Dorset popped over two weeks ago to hand me a brand new laptop – that her mother had hardly used. She wanted it for Katana, and thanks to kind Josh (who was travelling to Watamu this week), we were able to get the laptop to Katana before he embarked on his long journey up to Nairobi and university.

Katana receiving his new lap top kindly donated by Kim from Dorset.
Katana with volunteer Josh who, a year later, is back again to help out at the school

Katana will be studying Human Resource Management and Business at the African Nazarene University in Nairobi. He’s done so well, that some of his fees are sponsored by the Government, and Bushbells are delighted to be able to pay the rest of his university fees. It’s quite something when you think of all that Katana has achieved to get this far from his very humble beginnings. He’s been very driven and focussed throughout his schooling, and has also had the most inspirational father in Sammy. (Katana lost his mother at a young age, so Sammy has had to bring him and his two sisters up as a single parent.) CONGRATULATIONS KATANA, and Team Bushbells are with you every step of the way. Updates on Katana’s progress to follow! As Eleanor Roosevelt said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”.

(Ed’s note – nothing at Team Bushbells happens in isolation! Katana’s success is  due to the love, care and support from so many different people along the way… a real Bushbells Team effort! So I say a MASSIVE ASANTE SANTE to you all (you know who you are…). From Emma and Jeni, to Mama Anna and Jeannie K, Gill P, Patty and Izzy, Sherry, Mark and Jacintha, Anne FB, Josh, Sophie D, Kylie, Kim. Sam H -  and countless others who in their own quiet way have been so supportive to me and what I do, and so enabling me to help deserving people like Katana.  My motto in life is ‘You make a life by what you get, you make a living by what you give…’ and this is one person whose life will be transformed by the kindness of so many...)  THANK YOU xx.



  • A fantastic story, and very emotional……..congratulations, Katana, y que tengas mucho exito!

  • This is AMAZING – go Katana! His future is bright, wishing him all the luck on his studies. Go team Bushbells who have given him the most amazing support ! x

  • So so so happy Katana has made it to university, he’s just done so well and Jax and Bushbells have been so amazing in helping all the way! What an amazing effort and reward for all the hard work!

    Josh Timms

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