Volunteer Voice - My last week by Sophie

Our last week was a short one as the smaller students were on holiday.  I took the older children to the Watamu recycling centre, which was a huge success. The children and I were inspired by the sustainable and creative ideas. The material collected from  beach clean-ups are used to create maps of Africa; and the walls and floors of the recycling centre are decorated with glass bottles. Bluebells library used the same idea of recycling the bottles to create window. We also saw other other artworks formed simply from old plastic, such as a mirror surrounded by old toothbrushes! It was great to see waste being converted creatively into reusable goods.

Inspired by our visit, I brought in all the recycled materials I could from Echo Villas Watamu (my base for the last three weeks). and together with the senior children we created our own Eco-centre! We made footballs out of old paper, turned old cans and plastic bottles into bowling pins, and proceeded to have a surprisingly competitive bowling competition, followed by throwing hoops over bottles. Finally, we made a blue car out of a cardboard box, and Baraka painted the name “Bluebells school van.” A great fun day and wonderful to get the children to think creatively and use their imaginations using the resources available to them.

A visit to the recycling centre.

My last day was Sports day! Most of the children were on holiday at this point, so not all of them were able to come in. I split the group into 3 teams. We had a running race, a bowling competition, skipping and football goal scoring, as well a catching competitions. Clair and Chris’s team took first place. We all had a great time and the school are lucky in their sports resources, thanks to the unstinting support of the Rob Stephenson Trust, who had kindly donated yet more coloured bibs, which do get used over and over and over again!!!

I end by saying the HUGEST THANKS to Echo Villas Watamu for giving me such a peaceful and enjoyable base for my 3 weeks in Watamu, as well as to all the teachers at Bluebells School who welcomed me so kindly. My sincere thanks to dear Katana (Sammy's son) for all his care and support and I wish him SO MUCH LUCK at university - such a big step for him. And lastly to the darling children of the school, who I will never forget.

Bluebells own recycling centre, having visited the Watamu recycling centre.

(Ed's note: We thank you Sophie from the bottom of our hearts, for giving up your precious holiday time and for all your boundless energy, initiative and infectious enthusiasm. You've won over so many hearts and I know that the children and staff who you met were deeply touched by your kindness. Thank you thank you from us all at Team Bushbells xx).


Standing in the library and in front of the wonderful baobab tree that Angela Chidgey kindly painted for the children at the beginning of this year. Each child makes their own leaf to pin on the tree, so becoming part of the Bluebells school community.

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