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Volunteers pitch in and create

Volunteers come and go, but we've been really LUCKY with some outstanding girls working at the school for the month of January (Eloise, Isla and Tassia), and February (Lola and Honey).


The days are long, hot, dusty and mostly unsupervised, so the girls have to improvise and use lots of initiative. Lessons are taught, and in between the rather rigid curriculum the children love to learn new songs, games and just enjoy the fun our volunteers bring to add colour and variety to their rather sparse teaching environment.  


Eloise and Isla had a great educational school trip with the children -  to Gede Ruins and the snake park (ugh - rather them than me!). Lola and Honey took two school trips to the beach - always a popular venue with all that space to play, explore, and have fun. The cooling swim at the end always generates great squeals of laughter.


Playing to their strengths - Honey and Lola requested to paint four murals based on the wisdom and artistry of Charlie Mackesy - and with his consent - they've created these beautiful pictures with their universal messages of love and hope, which they hope will inspire future generations of children at the school.


If you think you'd like to volunteer at the school do get in touch.  We'll always have something worthwhile for you to contribute and we are indebted to our volunteers past and present and say a big ASANTE SANA for their wonderful contributions.  


L = Honey and Lola in front of one of their murals. R = Honey and Lola in Year 5. 


L = Eloise having fun playing 'guess what'. R = Isla on a school trip. 


L & R = Isla visiting Gede Ruins and the snake farm as part of a school trip.

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