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WOW WOW Solar Power!

Imagine a happy little school in the middle of the coastal bush or bundu as we call it in swahili. They play, they learn and they love their school. There is no running water or electricity.  But every day they have the most delicious and nutritious lunch - all cooked over an open fire. It works and it thrives.


Imagine then, hurtling into the 21st century and trying to play catch up! With a very generous donation from Sherborne School, we were able to buy two solar panels and have them all fitted up to power 1 brand new laptop and printer. 

It may not sound much to you and me, but it's a massive leap forward for this little village school, who can now proudly boast having their own computer and keep current with the curriculum.  The children can now understand what a 'mouse' and 'screen' are - as they can see and use it for themselves.


Small baby steps. Joining up the dots. It'll be the worldwide web next!  WOW WOW WOW - and all possible by solar power and the generosity of so many - thank YOU Sherborne School. 


L = Solar power being connected. R = Solar panels on top of roof. 


L = Mwana, our Principal and myself with the new laptop and printer. R = Eloise outside the foundations of a new store room being built. 


School compound looking good! 

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  • Wow! That IS Wow!
    Well done with the solar panels xxx

    Wendy Cartwright

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