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Sisal Baskets & Storage Baskets from  £25.00

Sisal Baskets & Storage Baskets from £25.00

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We are very proud of our ethical status. We employ only four tailors and our products are not mass produced. Quality, and excellent workmanship.

Because we are a small operation, we can run out of stock fast. To view our available stock, please FIRST select the colour you like, after which, you will be able to see all the available sizes in that colour, in the drop down menu.

If you can't find what you're looking for, please drop us a line as we can make to order.

We’re about slow fashion, zero waste and giving back to our Watamu community.

Bushbells: a purchase with a purpose!

We offer free shipping within the UK for orders over £120.00. Our international shipping costs are fixed and no mark-up is added.

Our fair-trade baskets are all handmade in and around Tsavo. These baskets are a bit of sunshine craft, individually handmade and giving vital emploment to local women. It's a craft that is labour intensive and the ladies' design their own patterns, so each piece is unique.

The baskets are a mixture of subtle hues and splashes of colour. They are ideal for solving storage problems (shoes, laundry, bathroom, study) and the handles on some make them easy to use beachside or in town whilst shopping. 

Sisal is a robust natural twine, and the stiff fibres are extracted by a process known as decoritcation, where leaves are crushed, beaten, and then water is used to wash away the waste parts of the leaves.

KAPU = Baskets with leather handles:


Dimensions: 46cm diameter x 35cm height

Please note, as this is a handmade product, dimensions & colour may vary slightly from those shown in the photographs.


Our (SB)  STORAGE BASKETS  (no  leather handles - bucket shape) measure approximately 27 - 33 cm DIAMETER  x  27 - 33 cm HEIGHT.   Made from sisal.

They're perfect for all your storage solutions - use them in bathrooms, for toys, shoes, electrics or to hold a pretty plant - the choices are endless. Let your imagination soar! They'll always brighten up a corner.  Made from Sisal. 


The (LB) Large Baskets  - (no leather handles - bucket shape) measure approximately 27 cms length and 26 cms diameter.  Made from sisal. 



'Versatile and an iconic bit of Kenyan kit. I have them dotted all over the house! -  Emma L