Maasai Bracelets

Maasai Bracelets

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We are very proud of our ethical status. We employ only four tailors and our products are not mass produced. Quality, and excellent workmanship.

Because we are a small operation, we can run out of stock fast. To view our available stock, please FIRST select the colour you like, after which, you will be able to see all the available sizes in that colour, in the drop down menu.

If you can't find what you're looking for, please drop us a line as we can make to order.

We’re about slow fashion, zero waste and giving back to our Watamu community.

Bushbells: a purchase with a purpose!

We offer free shipping within the UK for orders over £120.00. Our international shipping costs are fixed and no mark-up is added.

Enoch, our bead maker is also a cobbler. He often has odd bits of leather lying around and he uses his creative talents to convert the unwanted strips into colourful wrist bands. They'll brighten up any outfit and in a discrete way just say, BTK (can you work that out?!). We've a great selection of bright, fun colours and they are all sold individually. 

Handmade from colourful glass beads and sewn skilfully on to just less than 1 cm wide leather strips - they're easy to knot around your wrist.

Supporting our local Bushbells team and a sustainable, iconic bit of Kenyan kit!


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Each luxury dog collar is hand sewn and backed by soft cow hide, ensuring lasting quality through sustainable production and fair employment. What more could your furry friends ask for?

Brightly coloured, hand woven beaded dog collars, to suit your favourite pet! Variety of colours and simple designs, they are all hand woven by Enoch and his team. We've known Enoch for over 25 years and 5 years ago rebuilt his little road-side duka - all from Bushbells' profits. 

No collar is indestructible – but we reckon ours are pretty bramble scramble proof. Our customers tell us that our collars last.

  • Beads are hand sewn into leather, and are ‘anchored’ back into the leather every 5/6 beads. 
  • All collars are backed by a second piece of leather, glued and stitched on the back  - giving comfort and durability.
  • Buckles are hand-cast brass, giving our collars a really classy finish, to be enjoyed by all.


'These are must-have all year round arm candy to brighten up your look!' - Beatrice H, London